Living in Pudong

The residential area of the Eastern development of Shanghai looks more like a neighborhood back home, complete with garden villas, country clubs, western restaurants, and pools and gold courses, than the futuristic skyscrapers that dominate the Bund area. Conveniently located near Pudong International Airport, many international schools, sporting fields, and major highways, Pudong is a favorite location for expats relocating with families.

Living Area
BinJiang community. Once predominantly a business center, this scenic area on the east side of the Bund has attracted many expats to its new luxury apartments that are
in close proximity to many office towers and shopping and dining venue.

Green City (Biyun) community. A family oriented friendly neighborhood filled with western grocery stores, restaurants, sports clubs, and schools, this area gives residents a feeling of being at “home” while still living in a foreign country.

LianYang­HuaMu International community. Characterized by new spacious villas and modern apartment compounds, this neighborhood is the center of a thriving new expat community.

Oriental Centruy ( Tang Town ) International community. The main villa compounds are the Palm Spring Garden, the Jinjue Villa, the San Marino Bridge Building and the Buckingham Palace Building, located at the center of Pudong