Corporate Housing

Shanghai Housing offers a one stop relocation solution to HR departments of multinational companies in China. Our corporate Residential Service allows your HR department to effectively outsource expatiates welfare to Salo Homes. We have over 20 years experience in Asia working with Expats and know exactly what they need to both enjoy life and succeed in China.

For your HR department, we report accurately and promptly including a report on housing options, payment management report, administrative management report, and a best in class contract process. We also follow up with a monthly reporting of progress in order to head off any issues that arise. We are the second largest Visa Consulting and work permit Service in Shanghai and own the largest maid (ayi) service to foreign residents with over 700 clients and 1,000 maids to choose from. We manage property for top management of over 100 large corporations and provide hospitality to staff of 5 and 6 star hotels.

For the expatriates themselves we provide a comprehensive orientation tour of the area, help to familiarize them with daily issues, introduce appropriate school including any special education issues, help the individual or family to settle in and are open 24 hours a day for issues as they arise. Our popular concierge service is free for individuals and corporations who rent accommodation from Shanghai Housing. We know that things will come up and we are expert at solving anything from common problems to medical emergencies. Our staff has in the past and will continue to provide what both your HR dept needs at the lowest cost possible and what your foreign staff needs to live comfortably in China.

Why choose Shanghai Housing as your expat relocation partner?

Happiness of your staff is most important: You can totally rely on us for every aspect of individual expats lives. Visa, housing, legal issues, lifestyle issues.

We realize that successful companies require successful staff. Divorce runs very high in expat communities due to lifestyles that are unhealthy. We focus not only on the expats working at your firm but also on their spouses and dependents. We increase awareness of choices and help expats and their families to truly enjoy all China has to offer.

Lean, modern structure: Shanghai Housing keeps costs down but invests heavily into IT. We have the most efficiently run operation in China. From our CRM, to business intelligence we structure our firm for long term streamlined success instead of hiring tons of staff running around.

Lowest cost relocation: The financial meltdown of recent months has actually played into our hands. We keep very lean, have no debt, and provide services that fit today’s expats.

We understand your budgets, needs and goals and do our best to make you look good. Almost 20 years experience with HR processes has allowed us to focus like a laser on fulfilling your needs quickly and efficiently.