Living at The Residences at Kerry Parkside, Pudong

Located in Pudong, Kerry Parkside as a whole is a 330,000 square meters mixed-use complex that integrates serviced apartments a retail mall, a five-star lifestyle business hotel and offices. They offer a choice of 11 different floor plans ranging from one to four bedrooms.

Bobby and Fiona Hung are no strangers to living abroad, Originally from Hong Kong, they moved to the US over 20 years ago for an overseas assignment in Michigan. After spending nearly two decades in America they did a three-year stint in Germany, and have now found themselves living in Shanghai.

While Bobby started working in Shanghai two years ago, Fiona stayed in Hong Kong to have their daughter Phoebe. She joined her husband in Shanghai this past February. As Phoebe sits delightfully pleased on her father’s lap, Bobby and Fiona describe their experience in Shanghai thus far.

After having a bad experience in another compound when they first arrived, the Hungs were on a mission to find something better for their family. Being from Hong Kong, they enjoy living in apartments, but wanted something that felt like home. Fiona explains, “Other serviced apartments are like hotels, but this complex feels like a home to us. Sometimes I dont feel like im actually living in a serviced apartment. The neutral colors are very warm and homely.”

The Hungs were very attracted to the versatile design of Kerry Parkside, as it doesn’t feel particularly Asian or Western in style, thanks to the neutral tones. They also didn’t have any problems with picking or choosing what furniture to keep since they wanted some of their own items in the apartment for a personal touch.

Phoebe especially loves they kids’ Adventure Zone on the fourth floor of the building. There is also a kids’ pool that her parents often take her to Fiona tells us, “Phoebe is never bored here. Especially since she is getting older, she can enjoy more of the adventure stuff. It’s great for kids and it’s very easy to settle down here.”


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