Living at The Somerset Serviced Apartments in Xu Hui

Somerset Xu Hui Shanghai is located in the former French Concession and is surrounded by a large number of dining and shopping options. Their 168 residences are fully furnished and have newly remodeled interiors and modern appliances.

The Lu-Zhang family has been on the move for the last 10 years. Originally from Beijing, Denver and Wendy have moved from Australia to Shanghai to Beijing and have returned to Shanghai again about two years ago.

They now live in the Somerset Xu Hui Shanghai Serviced Apartments with their two sons along with one set of grandparents. We sat down with their family on a Sunday afternoon to learn a bit more about their experience moving to Shanghai and their search for an apartment, which Wendy and Denver describe as challenging because they needed to find a home suitable for six people.

The search began after they’d chosen a school for their sons. With the help of a relocation agency, they saw a number of options but it wasn’t until Denver stumbled upon Somerset on his own that he knew he had found the right fit for his family. He explains, “We needed convenience and we needed a good balance for everyone in the family. I took some photos and sent them to my wife who was in Beijing at the time, and immediately she agreed.” What they love most about the complex is the staff. “They are very friendly and help us a lot, especially when we first moved in,” Whendy tells us. The kids also get to enjoy activities and family events and love taking advantage of the indoor swimming pool and tennis courts too.

They were drawn to the simplicity of the design an decor of the apartments. Remodeling took place after they moved in and they are happy with the new modern appliances and look.

Denver concludes, “In our opinion this is a very good fit for many people, especially if you are new to Shanghai. Depending on your family size and lifestyle, I think most families could find a good fit here – whether you are a starter family or a large one like ours.”


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