Shanghai Old House for Rent

Old Shanghai Lane Houses for Rent

Shanghais plethora of 1930s Moderne and Streamlined Moderne, Shikumen-style, Art Deco Urban landscape and their endless variations astound the mind: Passionate Lane Houses, upscale and fashionable Villa with Ming and Qing Dynasty furnishings.

Located in a highly sought-after residential area for expats who want the convenience of the city, but also enjoy the romantic ambiance of Old Shanghai.

Step into these Stone-framed Gate Residences to encounter Symmetrical halls, courtyards, upturned eaves and bright red or yellow walls.

A true feast for the eyes if there ever was one. Priceless restored colonial properties in the French Concession surrounded by boutiques, galleries, fashionable bars, unique coffee shops make these works of art the perfect location in Shanghai to call home.

Renting the right old house in Shanghai can be very astute: Getting the wrong one is a guaranteed endless nightmare of renovation and flooding.

We know the area, love the area and will help you to get the finest preserved property, we believe that these unique places will rise in value significantly.

The Old French Concession area of downtown Shanghai, an area bounded by Yan An Rd (north), Jian Guo Rd (south), Fan Yu Rd (west) and Chong Qing Rd (east), is famous locally for its European influenced architecture, its convenience and green space. This same area is also synonymous with old housing with construction dates ranging from the 1880’s through to the 1990’s.

A rather broad category of housing encompassing free standing houses (Old Houses), townhouses (Old Lanehouses) and apartments (Old Apartments), some with their own private garden areas, properties on offer range from quaint 40 sqm studio apartments through to 1000 sqm multi-story manors with their own private gardens of up to 2000sqm.

These old properties have become a popular choice amongst foreign clients looking at finding a unique home here in Shanghai, and in the last year or so the numbers of clients seeking old properties with character has continued to increase such that demand for fully renovated old properties now far exceeds supply.

As a result, quality properties only remain on the market anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks before being rented, and this makes the rental of old houses a real sellers market. Landlords astute enough to be in this market generally undertake quality renovations, and internally these places are comparable to high class apartments and western style housing, whilst maintaining the character and appearance from years gone by. Prices range from USD1000-40,000 per month.

What to watch out for:
Ensure that power and water supplies are reliable and adequate for your requirements.
Insist that your agent put an opt-out clause in your lease to enable you to break the lease without penalty should you find after moving in that things aren’t as promised.
Determine which parts of the house being shown to you are for private and which parts are for common use. Pay particular attention to bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, gardens, doorways and access areas.

Understand that by their very nature these old properties are generally located within old neighborhoods. In choosing to live in such a property, tenants would need to accept the intricacies of life within local Chinese communities and be able to enjoy the experience for what it is.

Old garden houses are usually located downtown, generally in the Former French Concession Area. Most old garden houses were built before 1949, and have been beautifully restored to maintain their original architecture. Old houses are very rare and precious because they possess their own unique history and often have
interesting stories about their previous residents.

If their owners protected them well, inside the old villas, you may see polished wooden floor boards and well decorated fireplaces, some with working chimneys and pipes. Some houses are even outfitted with antique furniture, art deco interior design, and original light fixtures and window frames. Many houses posses their own private garden and backyard, ideal for weekend BBQ’s and picnics.

The size of the historic garden houses ranges from 250 m² to 1,500 m². Depending on the location, refurbishment quality and size of the house / garden, rental price can range from US$5,000 to US$15,000 a month.

Pros of old Shanghai housing:
Attractive historical architecture
Downtown locations
Sizable gardens
Local life experience, local neighbors
Professional renovations
Close to many commercial Business districts

Cons of old Shanghai housing:
Maintenance issues – 1920s constructed buildings
Relatively expensive (limited supply)
Little or no professional security
Damp and drafty with poor insulation
Potential car parking difficulties
Poor power supply
No facilities or clubhouses