Shanghai Property Management

Owning a property in Shanghai can be quite stressful, especially if it is your second, third or fourth property.

The team at Shanghai Housing is aware of the day to day issues faced when managing a property in Shanghai We have the experience to ensure your property investments in Shanghai are successfully managed and maintained.

When renting out your property in Shanghai, we understand the importance of finding a suitable tenant.

Though our relationships with fortune 500 companies and expatriates in Shanghai, We will find a tenant who is respectful of your property alongside being financially stable and of good manner.

Unfortunately things do get worn and they do get damaged. Our team is experienced in all areas of property maintenance and repair plus refurbishment and decoration.

We have assisted in the refurbishment and renovation of a number of old shanghai lane houses which have been restored to their original glory.

Who take care of your place while your not in Shanghai? Shanghai Living provides full service property management for real estate in Bangkok, giving you sound piece of mind that your investment will be well looked after.

We cover all aspects of ensuring your investment is safe in our hands, right from the start with a comprehensive insurance coverage, high-tech security and fire safety systems.