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Relocating to Shanghai with your Family & Kids

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Relocating to Shanghai can be a frustrating and scary time for even the most traveled expat families, moving house stressful, but when relocating to Shanghai, its a new not just a new home, its a new lifestyle, new country, new laws and a totally new language and getting things done isn’t so easy, which is why you need a relocation team who can support you and your family every step of the way.

Its important to research online and get as much information about your relocation to Shanghai as possible, and maybe even visit Shanghai for a short holiday before actually relocating, to get you and your family prepared.

Shanghai is currently the number 1 destination for expatriates, with many other families in the same position as you, information sharing, advice and answers to your relocation questions can always be found.

Shanghai is full of housing suitable for expatriates depending on your shanghai relocation budget, prices range from as little as $700 for a small downtown apartment to $7000 for a large luxury duplex apartment, lane house or villa.

Where you decide to live in Shanghai is very important, its a huge city and traffic can be bad, however the Subway lines are very convenient. We would suggest finding out where you will be working and also what schools your children will be attending before deciding upon a area or accommodation, this is another reason why we suggest visiting before actually relocating to Shanghai.

Helpful real estate and relocation professionals are available in Shanghai, Shanghai Housing has English speaking and expatriate staff who are available 24/7 to assist you with your relocation and housing search.

When searching for an apartment in Shanghai you should be ready to place a deposit, with Shanghai being such a hot relocation destination good deals move fast, If you visit Shanghai before relocating, we would advise you of visiting a few housing compounds in the area you wish to stay and advise Shanghai Housing of your specific requirements before your actual relocation to Shanghai.


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