Shanghai Relocation Guide

The staff at Shanghai Housing welcome you to Shanghai, one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world. The Shanghai Living Guide is an excellent guide to practical living in the commercial and industrial centre of China.

Drawing on our extensive experience in China, the Relocation Guide answers in detail many of the questions you might have about daily life in the city. The objective of the guide and other useful Shanghai Living brochures is not only to inform and assist you before your arrival in Shanghai, but also to act as a constant source of reference throughout your time in the city.

We at Shanghai Housing know that moving to a new place is a very personal experience. Naturally you want a comfortable home, but an essential ingredient for comfort is the security of knowing your surroundings. Our guidebook to Shanghai Living is specially designed to inform and guide you to the people, organisations and entertainment centres that will serve your needs the most.

Free Shanghai Orientation Service

When it comes to settling your housing needs in Shanghai, no one cares more about your personal comfort than the staff at Shanghai Living.

Shanghai Living offers a total relocation package, including Orientation Program, Home Search, Tenancy Management, Corporate Payments Management, Corporate Administration Consulting.

Shanghai Living’s flexible Orientation Program is tailored to each client to ensure the most informative introduction to living in Shanghai. We have assisted numerous expatriates to relocate to Shanghai, providing a unique social/cultural integration service designed to help employees and their families settle more quickly and easily into life in Shanghai.

Our professional team can ensure that all the employees of our corporate client companies will have the help and information they need to settle into a new job, city and lifestyle.

As a complement to Shanghai Living’s Relocation Guide we offer free orientation tours of Shanghai. Our Orientation Consultants will be happy to arrange a personalized tour according to our clients needs and interests. Whether they need a first-hand introduction to the international schools, various medical facilities or maybe the best shopping and entertainment centers, our aim is to serve their needs and help them to learn their way around quickly.

This program includes:

Shanghai Look-and-See Visit:

• Pick-up at the airport and hotel arrangements.
• Medical and dental clinics introduction and visiting.
• Schools and kindergartens introduction and visiting (see also School Search Program)
• Introduction of the clubs, social organizations, volunteer opportunities, sports and religious groups.

• Introduction and visiting of local education facilities for adults: Chinese language study¡­
• Enjoyable and practical tours of locations relevant to expatriates: banks, post offices, airlines, drugstores¡­
• Where to shop: shopping centers, supermarkets, delicatessens, bookstores.
• Visiting of antiques shops, art galleries, furniture, silk and fabric shops…
• Walking tours: local food and flower markets.
• Where to eat: introduction to Western, Eastern and local dining in the city
• Nightlife: introduction of bars and night clubs
• Culture tours and sightseeing.

Familiarisation with Chinese day-to-day life

• Instructions on how to use public transport systems: taxis, subway, buses.
• Currency information: exchange rates, familiarization with notes and coins, where to exchange money.
• Banks information: which banks to choose, money deposit regulations.
• Safety information: where to shop and how to get there, places to avoid, do’s and don’ts.
• Tipping information, bargaining practice

Settling-up assistance:

• Visa and residence permit application assistance.

• Health check-up.
• Free moving services within the city.
• Extra furniture storage.
• Tour of new neighborhood including visiting large expats¡¯ communities, visiting schools¡­.
• Shopping for basic essentials such as food, appliances, clothing and furniture.
• Opening of bank accounts.
• Registration with local authorities such as embassies or high commissions.
• Handyman services including renovation or decoration arrangement, repairing work arrangement¡­
• Arrangement of maid’s service.

School search program:

Shanghai Living can introduce to the expatriates with families the best international schools and kindergartens for their children, coordinate the tours of schools and assist in registration.
• Information on potential schools and kindergarten that meet the child’s needs and interests.
• Provide the information of the Schools, Addresses, names of Principals, telephone numbers and brief introductory text of desired international and public schools.
• Co-ordination of appointments with Principals and accompaniment on school visits and tours.
• Advice to the transferee of required forms and paperwork.
• Assistance with negotiations on admittance, if required.

Cross-cultural training (at extra charge)
Shanghai Living  can help employees learn more about the various cultures and business environments within China. Custom-made, individually designed programs are available for each individual or for the whole family.

• How to work effectively across cultures.
• How to effectively manage a Chinese workforce.
• How to develop cohesive multicultural teams.
• How to deal with family concerns related to an overseas assignment.
• Understanding Chinese societies.
• The enduring question of “Face”.
• Small gestures and protocol issues.
• Emotions and expressions.
• Culture Shock.
• Adaptation cycles.
• Assimilation vs. adaptation.
• Individuality vs. group culture.
• Day-to-day living in a foreign country.
• Legal rights and issues.
• Health and safety.
• Safety for travelers.
• Engaging in a new society.
• Preparing for departure.

Our orientation program flexibility allows us to meet the requirements of each client and to adapt to the policy of the client’s company.