Dear Shanghai Housing,

The Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate General here in Shanghai has used your company for all its property needs, both office and domestic, for the last 2 years. During that time we have always found the service we have received to be exemplary.

The staff have gone out of their way to try and meet our requirements and have been faithful to these during negotiations with landlords and property management companies. On completion of the leases the service doesn’t stop and, on occasion, needs have been anticipated to the comfort of the tenants. Requests are dealt with promptly and the maintenance staff take a professional attitude to their work. If problems arise then they provide a good service of mediating a solution agreeable to both landlord and tenant.

All in all we have no complaints at all with the service that we have received and continue to use their services for our property needs in Shanghai.

Barbara W


Dear Shanghai Housing,
Soon our China experience will come to an end. New expats will come to in order to bring ahead the tasks which still remain as difficult as they were at the time of our arrival.

We remember very well how important it was to find the right options for living at a time when all our thinking got quite confused by all the new impression and the startup difficulties.

It was surprising how quick we became confident to decide finally, under your guidance and how well you managed to adapt the contractual conditions to our requirements.

Even more surprising it was as when 2 ½ years ago the options for good quality and true reliability were still very little, you could arrange everything under those emergency conditions which you remember very well.

Also your assistance renegotiating rent and conditions when extending the contract we appreciated very much.

Now we’ll request your help not only for our leave but also to give our newcomers a hand.

We are sure that they’ll receive and will use your excellent, experienced and sensitive services.


Dear Shanghai Housing,

I want to share with you my impression of your company and service based on our experience. First of all, we were impressed with the thoroughness of your search on our behalf. As we visited sites you and your team were able to narrow down our wants and needs even better than we were. That means your knowledge of the market and encyclopedic knowledge of the various properties was and is tremendous asset to all your clients.

Having selected a place you continued your fine service and customer care by negotiating on our behalf with the landlord. All the follow up and follow through was handled professionally and effectively. Given our previous experiences in Shanghai working with you made the whole process quite painless. In fact, it was a pleasure.

Should any prospective clients wish to speak to me directly I am happy to share with them more details of our experience with you and your company.